4 New Breweries to Look Out For in 2013

More and more breweries have been getting their brewers license in the Bay Area, and a few of them are in the middle of building their new breweries as I write this.  2013 should be a very exciting year for craft beer fans in the Bay Area with more breweries to visit, more SF Beer Week events, and more beers to drink.  Here are 4 new breweries to watch in 2013.

4.  Altamont Beer Works

altamont beer works logo

I met these guys at the Oaktoberfest this year and really what they’re doing.  They have a great crisp sesssion beer, the Left Coast Session, as well as a crazy sour/tart light beer called the Cerveza Espumosa.  For the IPA fans, they have a Shelter IPA and a huge double IPA, the Hella IPA.  If you’re ever in Livermore I would highly suggest stopping by the brewery.

3. Magnolia’s new Third Street Brewery in the Dogpatch

Magnolia Beer

Magnolia has been trying to open this brewery and restaurant for 2 years now, but it’s still under construction.  It will be a 30 barrel system (one of the largest in SF) and will be a full production brewery.  Magnolia plans to finally bottle their beers and expand their distribution.  The head chef will be Dennis Lee from Namu, and it will be a barbecue restaurant.  In addition to this new large brewery serving as Magnolia’s main brewing arm, it may also be home to many gypsy brewers in the area, such as Pac Brew Labs.  Although not open yet, the owner Dave McLean believes it will be ready after the holidays.

2.  Faction Brewing

Faction Brewing

I met co-founder and co-owner of Faction Brewing, Claudia Pamparana, at the SF Brewers Guild event at 21st Amendment last week.  Claudia’s business partner is her husband, Roger Davis.  Roger was the head brewer at Triple Rock brewery in Berkeley, but left in February to pursue building Faction.  The equipment was shipped from New York and is being installed now.  The brewery is located in Alameda right on the edge of the bay, boasting a perfect view of San Francisco city and Bay Bridge.

Faction Brewing View(photos from factionbrewing.com)

1. Triple Voodoo

Triple Voodoo Logo

I’ve known Triple Voodoo’s owner, Greg Kitchen, since their first SF Beer Week opening night Gala in 2011.  While they’ve been producing beers for about 2 years, 2013 may be the big year they’ve been waiting for.  Their most popular beer is their Inception, a refreshing Belgian style ale with subtle IPA characteristics.  With the Inception continuing to gain momentum in stores and on taps, the Triple Voodoo crew came out with 3 new beers this year.  Witopia is their lighter Belgian Witbier, at only  5.5% ABV(compared to Inception’s 8%).  They also just released the Kraken Imperial IPA, boasting a 9% ABV with hugh Cascade and Nugget hops.  The Kraken is finally in stores now and can be found at places such as Healthy Spirits, BevMo, and Whole Foods.

Kraken Imperial IPA

What’s most amazing about Triple Voodoo, is that they do all of this while being gypsy brewers!  They brew out of Devil’s Canyon brewery along with a couple other gypsy brewers as well (Pac Brew Labs for example).  With the momentum of these new beers, I believe Triple Voodoo may finally get the opportunity to open their own brewing facility in SF.  They are already a member of the SF Brewers Guild and have a strong following in the city.



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