BrewTours’ Photographers

Although the Golden Gate BrewTours website has lots of photos on various pages, I’ve decided to go back through the past couple of years and put together all of my favorite photos on one page:

Many of these photos have been taken through my iphone or other low quality cameras, however we’ve also had the help from a lot of talented photographers.

Sally Yee –

Recently we were lucky to have friend and photographer, Sally, join us on a brewery tour.  She took some amazing photos which have been included on the website as well in the photo album.  I would highly suggest visiting her blog which includes interviews with many small business owners around SF.

Grains in Hand

Passing Grains on the Bus

Lagunitas Tap Room Sign

Welcome to Lagunitas

Lagunitas Beer Tastings

Lagunitas Beer Tastings

Scott Dow

Another photographer that took some of the best beer photos I’ve seen is Scott Dow.  A talented photographer, musician, and director, Scott has quite an impressive portfolio.  His brewtours’ photographs were done last winter when we were tasting Marin Brew Co’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine.

Marin BrewCo Pour

Pouring the Barleywine


Perfect Lighting

Patrick Nelson –

My first photographer was long time friend, Patrick Nelson, who is a graphic designer and photographer (   Not only has he helped BrewTours’ with photographs, but he has also worked on a number of promotional flyers for us.  Below are some photos and a sample from his branding project.

Growler Man

My favorite: the Growler

Lagunitas Kronik

Lagunitas Kronik Label

BrewTours' Classic Flyer


About brewtours

Golden Gate BrewTours strives to be the premium craft beer educational service in the industry by providing an intimate, educational, and engaging touring experience that explores local craft breweries in the SF Bay Area.
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