Nanobreweries – The Next Trend

In a recent post on a nanobrewery blog, Hess Brewing Odyssey, the author (who happens to have started the first nanobrewery in San Diego) claims that there are currently 61 nanobreweries in operation in the U.S. and 46 in planning!  What does this mean?  Small brewers are about to launch a local beer movement like never before.

The future for the craft brewer is definitely looking bright as the US has the most craft breweries in operation since Prohibition ended in 1933 with 1,482.  With 46 nanobreweries in planning, the Bay Area is bound to have a few. Below is a list of local Bay Area nanobreweries that you should all support.

San Francisco Bay Area Nanobreweries:

Clara St. Brewing – San Francisco, CA

  •          Bryan and Patrick run an amazing operation out of their Clara St. and 5th St. brewing facility.  They typically have an open door beer night every other Thursday evening.
  •          Swing by their Clara St. garage on August 7th for a charity beer event if you’re down for Sunday Funday.

Bosworth Brewery – San Francisco, CA

Healdsburg Brewery – Healdsburg, CA

Elizabeth Street Brewery – San Francisco, CA

Petaluma Hills Brewery – Petaluma, CA

  •              JJ is a great homebrewer who is working non-stop to get this brewery up and running.  This may even be a future stop for BrewTours!

Beltane Brewery – Novato, CA

Van Houten Brewery – San Anselmo, CA


With so many high quality beers being produced in the Bay Area it’s hard not to be a fan. BrewTours is happy to support these local nanobreweries and a special nanobrewery tour may be in the future!


About brewtours

Golden Gate BrewTours strives to be the premium craft beer educational service in the industry by providing an intimate, educational, and engaging touring experience that explores local craft breweries in the SF Bay Area.
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