New Belgium Abbey Ale

Brewery: New Belgium Brewing Company
City: Fort Collins, Colorado
Beer: Abbey Dubbel Ale
Style: Belgian Strong Ale
ABV: 7%
Notes: bready, chocolate, yeast, dark fruits

New Belgium Abbey

New Belgium Brewing Company's Abbey

The Beer

The self proclaimed Mark Spitz of New Belgium’s lineup. In case you don’t know who Mark Spitz is, he is arguably the best swimmer of all-time, but second to Michael Phelps in most Gold Medals won in a single Olympics. This beer is actually a ‘late-bloomer’. It was one of the two original homebrews that founder, Jeff Lebesch, created; the other being Fat Tire. It turns out that the drinking public may not have been entirely ready for a beer of this sophistication. When the beer was originally sampled at the Lyons Folks Fest, reviews were mixed, but now anyone will tell you that this beer is to die for, completely blowing New Belgium’s line out of the water! The beer was brewed with six different malts and an authentic Belgian yeast strain. Unlike most New Belgium beers that are filtered, this one has been bottle-conditioned in true Belgian fashion. I can say this without hesitation it is my favorite New Belgium beer.


This beer pours a gentle ruby-brown color that’s complimented with a smooth tan head. The head retains small bubbles in the foam’s head, a product of bottle conditioning that provides a consistently carbonated beer. Like most Belgian Dubbels, yeast and sediment is apparent in this beer.


This beer has a nice sugary nose full of banana and vanilla. Like most Belgian beers (and given the authentic Belgian yeast strain, a prominent bubblegum flavor exists. Lastly, the aroma is slightly spicy and really nails typical Belgian nose hits.


The best part of this beer is the taste, and the quaffable nature of this larger beer. Honestly, you really can’t get enough of it. I could easily drink this beer three times over. The beer is like a sugary, candied Hefeweizen. The body is thin, but provides a bready, wheaty mouth-feel to help plug the overall thinness of the beer. There are also some nice flavors of chocolate and ambiguous fruit. Overall this beer is delicious.

Where can I find this beer?

You can find this beer in most specialty beer stores, but I’d recommend looking for it in your local Whole Foods. New Belgium does a fantastic job distributing its products and the Abbey is no different. Happy Drinking!


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