11th Beer of Christmas – Little Sumpin’ Wild from Lagunitas

Brewery: Lagunitas Brewery
City: Petaluma, CA
Beer: Little Sumpin’ Wild
Type: Belgian Strong Ale
ABV: 8.85%
Notes: Sweet, Pale Hops, Wheat, Pine, Malty

Happy Christmas Eve! Today we are enjoying the Little Sumpin’ Wild from the brewery that we’ll be visiting often and soon (hint…January 15th). Lagunitas Brewery has been widely known for their big hoppy IPA, huge parties, and laid back Northern California lifestyle. The brewery was founded by Tony Magee in 1993 in Lagunitas, CA, but after growing too big for their location, they moved to Petaluma. They have the best-selling IPA in California and their beers are distributed around the world. Want to know something else? The brewery is actually run by superhero toys….

The Little Sumpin’ Wild is the big sister of the Little Sumpin Sumpin Ale. This beer is a combined Belgian style pale ale, brewed with Belgian yeast and 50% wheat. Previous beers mentioned on our blog are Belgian Ales, but none of them have had the Lagunitas signature hops inside.

Color and Aroma

This beer pours a golden, hazy hue with a medium-sized white thick head. The aroma is very sweet and hoppy. Hints of fruitiness are apparent with grapefruit and pine. It definitely gives a pale ale/IPA first impression.


As a beer drinker that likes a medium level of hoppiness, this beer hit the spot. I often find IPAs to be overwhelming with hops and not enough flavor to keep me interested. This beer had an excellent combination of keeping my palate fresh, yet tasting delicious and sweet. At first sip, the cool carbonation and texture of the beer is refreshing. Flavors of caramel, grapefruit, pine, and other spices come through as I finish. My mouth is left with a sweet malty aftertaste and mild bitterness. I enjoyed every sip and would definitely order it again. It may just be my favorite beer from Lagunitas.

Where Can I find this beer?

You can get this beer in many locations. It’s definitely available in most super markets and liquor stores (i.e. Bev Mo, Mollie’s Stones, Whole Foods, ect), and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was on tap at some specialty beer bars. Lagunitas beers are widely distributed and their IPA is all over the world. One of the best ways to enjoy their beers is on the Larkspur ferry from Marin County to San Francisco. You can sip on their Pale Ale, IPA, or Pilsner while over looking the Embarcadero.

Have a Merry Christmas and drink a few craft beers with your family. We have an excellent Christmas Day beer for tomorrow! Also, brewery tour tickets are now on sale! Buy tickets for yourself and friends! Learn more HERE.



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