5th Beer of Christmas – Stone Brewing Company’s Double Bastard

Brewery: Stone Brewing Company
City: Escondido, CA
Beer: Double Bastard
Style: American Strong Ale
ABV: 10%
Notes: STRONG hop character, very hot, and resinous malt

Double Bastard

Stone Brewing Company - Double Bastard

Stone Brewing Company is California’s most outward and vocal brewery toward riding the earth of yellow, fizzy beer. Even, the CEO and Co-Founder enthusiastically proclaims that ‘Yellow, fizzy beer is for wussies’. Stone Brewing Company is infamous for producing aggressively hopped beers loaded with malty flavor. Stone reigns supreme on the West Coast and if you taste Double Bastard, you’ll know why.

Aggressively Hopped Beers

Stone gives the drinker every clue possible that Double Bastard is not a beer to mess around with. The name even contains an expletive to mark its territory. Even on the back label, the brewers dive into a long-winded description about how the beer is made only for the worthy. The weak and tentative need decline.

Warning: Double Bastard Ale is not to be wasted on the tentative or weak. Only the worthy are invited, and then only at your own risk. If you have even a modicum of hesitation, DO NOT buy this bottle.

Is this arrogance? Yes. But its not quite pretentious if the description is factual. Aggressively hopped beers are the double black diamonds of brew. If you don’t commit one-hundred percent this kind of beer will surely knock you on your ass.

The Beer

Double Bastard’s flavor is omnipresent and perfect for the cold, dark days of winter. If you need a breath of warmth look no further than the most arrogant beer on the West Coast. Double Bastard will deliver a spark so strong it’ll light a fire. Are you worthy?


The color of this brew is a dark velvety red. You might mistake this beer for cider if not for the thick off-white, tan head. This beer is a true crimson beauty that even glimers purple in the right light. The cream colored head lasts till the last drop despite the faint lacing.


My first thought when smelling this beer was, “Is this Napalm?”. No in fact, but the alcohol of this beer is upfront like a fine bourbon. The beer provides a complex whiff of piney hops and sweet malty brown sugar. There are hints of vanilla, tied into a well-balanced oak aroma. This beer quickly reminds me of a stiff barley wine and further warning that I should buckle up.


Wow. This beer bites with a strong hop character that balances the piney and earthy extremes. The alcohol of the beer then numbs the tongue until the thick, velvety malt washes over your taste buds. The soft carbonation allows the beer to finish with a clean oak flavor. This full-bodied brew warms the stomach like a fine liquor and if there was one word to describe the flavor of the malt, it would be ‘resinous’.

Where can I find this beer?

Over the last few years, Double Bastard can be found more regularly, but I’d look to your specialty beer store. In San Francisco, you can surely find this beer at City Beer Store on Folsom Street.

Stay tuned for the halfway point of our blog series and 6th beer of Christmas!


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